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IGUS : meetings

Upcoming meetings
For information about the next meeting of the EOS and EPP working groups and the next IGUS plenary meeting,
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Minutes and presentations
Minutes and presentations of the open sessions of working group meetings are available for participants only,
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Structure of meetings
The IGUS working groups meet as required, usually annually. These meetings are structured into a 'closed' session, dealing with topics confidential to the national bodies present, and an 'open' session to which industry representatives can be invited by agreement of the chairman.
At IGUS meetings, papers and information are presented in an informal atmosphere covering a wide variety of relevant topics including, among others: reports of experimental investigations, accidents and incidents, description of methods, anticipation of problems of regulation and legislation, critiques of laboratory tests, results of collaborative trials, statistical appraisals of methods and results, compilation of test data on classes of energetic materials. Records are kept through agreed minutes of the meetings. More than 1,000 papers have been circulated in IGUS to date and some of the studies are reported in scientific literature.
The plenary meeting, to which only members of IGUS are invited, is held once in every four years.
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Terms of Reference.

Meeting attendees
The members are invited to attend the meetings of their respective working groups. They can attend both the open and the closed sessions of their working groups. Experts who are not members of the working groups (e.g. colleagues from industry) can attend the open sessions, but only after being invited by the chairman. Usually, more than 90% of the meeting time is 'open'.
Only the members are invited to attend the plenary meeting, which meeting thus brings together members of both working groups. The plenary meeting is usually held in conjunction with a regular meeting of one of the working groups. In the plenary meeting, only the national representatives can vote.

Ad-hoc working groups
To deal with specific issues that need detailed attention, the working groups can decide to form ad-hoc working groups. These ad-hoc groups usually comprise a limited number of experts. They meet for a limited number of times, or sometimes even only once, depending on the agenda and the issue being discussed. Nowadays, even 'virtual' working groups exist. Usually, the remit of ad-hoc working groups is defined by (the chairman of the) working group.

Past plenary meetings

April 15
April 13
May 9 *
June 12
May 11
June 15

March 20
June 15
May 19 **
March 14
June 16
June 18
October 4
June 19
September 4
September 11-12
August 17-18
August 28-29
June 8-9
May 4-5
May 31-June 1
November 11-12
November 17-19
May 10-11
May 2-4
October 7-8
May 8-9
Basel, Switzerland
Berlin, Germany

St. Petersburg, Russia
Rijswijk, The Netherlands
Buxton, United Kingdom
Frankfurt, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Stockholm, Sweden
Socorro, USA
Tønsberg, Norway
Verneuil-en-Halatte, France
Buxton, United Kingdom
Oslo, Norway
Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Rijswijk, The Netherlands
Pittsburgh, USA
Verneuil-en-Halatte, France
Borehamwood, United Kingdom
Rijswijk, The Netherlands
Berlin, Germany
London, United Kingdom
Brussels, Belgium
Paris, France
Paris, France
Paris, France

* Combined with a Joint Meeting of EOS and EPP Working Groups and the celebration of IGUS' 50th anniversary.
** Combined with a Joint Meeting of EOS and EPP Working Groups.